Walibi Belgium, formerly also called Walibi Wavre and then Six Flags Belgium, is a Belgian theme park located in the central part of the country, southeast of Brussels, in the city of Wavre.

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What to do?

Walibi Belgium is a medium sized theme park where people of all  ages from toddlers to grownups can find something fun to do. In total there are 50 different attractions. Walibi Belgium is not divided into thematic parts, but into categories according to severity – children, family and teens.

Children attractions
  • Alberto Magico: a miniature roller coaster for children.
  • Bling Bling Madness
  • Dragon Boat: embark on floating dragons.
  • Fibi’s Bubble Swirl
  • Giostra di miele
  • Haaz’ Garage
  • La Coccinelle: steel roller coaster on board beetles.
  • La Polizia
  • Piccolo Pilota
  • Poneys
  • Squad’s Stunt Flight
  • Tchou Tchou
  • W.A.B Mini Tour
  • W.A.B Tree House
  • Walibi’s Fun Recorder
  • Zenko’s Graffiti Shuttle
Family Attractions
  • Autostop
  • Calamity Mine: mine train roller coaster.
  • Challenge of Tutankhamon: an attraction in the darkness using the latest technology for guests to have a unique adventure in the Pharaoh’s unexplored tomb.
  • Flash Back: log flume.
  • French Cancan: you’ll feel giddy and nauseous aboard this flying chairs ride.
  • Gold River Adventure
  • La Grande Roue
  • Le Grand Carrousel
  • Le Palais du Génie
  • Le Tapis Volant
  • Radja River: river rafting ride.
  • Salsa y Fiesta
  • Walibi Express
Attractions for teens
  • Buzzsaw: top spin.
  • Cilindri Rotanti: ride with 3 simultaneous rotations on 3 different axes that just turns and turns.
  • Cobra: boomerang roller coaster.
  • Dalton Terror: drop tower (77m free fall).
  • Octopus
  • Tuf Tuf Club
  • Vampire: suspended looping coaster.
  • Werewolf: the only wooden roller coaster in Belgium.

How to get in?

By car or coach
From Brussels: E411 motorway Brussels-Namur, exit 6 or 9 Walibi-Wavre.
From Paris: E19 motorway to Brussels, exit 19 Nivelles, follow Wavre via the N25.

By train
Via Leuven or Ottignies. Get off the train at Walibi-Bierges station. Theme park entrance is about 150m away.

Basic Information

Walibi Belgium 
Boulevard de l’Europe 100  
1300 Wavre 
Phone: 32(0)10 42 15 00

GPS Location

50° 41′ 55″ N (50.698611)
4° 35′ 26″ E (4.590556)

Opening Hours

Walibi Belgium is open from late April to early November. Outside the main season it is open only on weekends. For more information check the theme park web site.


Adults (age 12 through 54): 32 EUR 
Children (3 through 11): 28 EUR 
Seniors (age 55+): 29 EUR 
Parking: 6 EUR

To avoid spending time waiting in line and save a few euros buy tickets online!

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Did you know

The Walibi name comes from the mix of Wavre, Limal and Bièrges, three towns in the province of Walloon Brabant, in Wallonia, Belgium.